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About game:

If you are looking for a bomb game, we have Bomb It 7. This Platlform game was developed and released by Agame, and it's really a fun game with the maze element featured by bombs games.

Bomb It 7 provides a list of cute characters. Before starting the game, you will choose a character you like. However, the top priority is the skill that the character possesses. Each character has different skills. Find a character owning the skills that suit your abilities. In the game, you place bombs in the mazes and your mission is to become the last survivor.

In addition, the game also allows you to have fun bomb battles in different modes like Arcade, New Pac-man and Battle Royale. Pay attention to the game screen where you will see the requirements of each mode, they are different. You can also change the number of your enemies, customize the difficulty of computers, and select the maps...

When the time of the bomb match begins, move carefully and set the bomb as soon as you can to collect power-ups on the map. When you are strong enough, hunt other opponents. If you see an opponent that is stronger than you, move away from his bomb explosion range. I believe the game Bomb It 7 will give you lots of laughter. Have fun!

Bomb It 7 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Move the cute character by using arrow keys or A/S/D/W.

Space bar or Enter o place the bombs.

Tips and tricks:

Your bombs can kill you.

You can run to safe locations, surviving as a top priority!

Bomb It 7 Walkthrough

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