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About game:

Give Up, Robot developed by Matt Thorson and published by Adult Swim Games is a great action game. In this game, you control a robot and it knows can dance. With classic 2D graphics, sweet melodies, and unique game context, you'll love this game from the first play.

The game has 50 levels with increasing difficulty. If the levels are where you get used to the robot movement, then in the high levels you have to face complicated terrain. To complete a level, you need to take risky actions while listening to disco songs. And that's an interesting thing that the game brings!

For difficult situations, you have a special tool that can assist you: a hook. You can launch the hook to any location you want. However, your hook has a limit on distance. So you need to choose an appropriate location to launch the hook. After launching the hook, you can swing the rope to move to the position you want. Are you ready to try this game yet?

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How to play:

Arrow keys: move the dancing robot.

X or up arrow keys: make a jump.

Z or A keys: launch your hook.

Tips and tricks:

Select the appropriate position and launch the hook, pay attention to the movement of the robot as you swing on the rope!

Workout to get used to the dance of robots!

Give Up, Robot Walkthrough

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