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About game:

Welcome to Strike Force Heroes 2! This is a Shooter game that is co-broadcast by Mike Sleva and Justin Goncalves. Similar to Strike Force Heroes in the first part, you will continue to control your brave guy and participate in battles with superior weapons. In this section, you have 4 classes to select: Engineer, Mercenary, General, Juggernaut and Sniper. Think carefully and choose the class that best suits your skills!

In this second part, you have 3 slots to save the game. This feature ensures your gaming progress at different times. When you enter the game, you have 2 modes to choose from: Campaign and Challenge. If the Campaign is a place for you to train with the quests that the game requires, the Challenge is a real battlefield. There are many customizations in this game, from your soldier to his weapon. Get familiar with the game through Campaign Mode and then you can show off your shooting ability in Challenge mode!

Certainly in Strike Force Heroes 2, you have to fight alone. Don't be surprised when you're thrown into a space with an astronaut suit. Can you fight in weightless environments? Ready to join the game now!

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How to play:

Press arrow keys or using WASD to move.

Left Click to shoot.

Tips and tricks:

If you are a newbie, practice in Campaign mode and don't choose high difficulty.

Use stronger weapons as soon as you can!

Strike Force Heroes 2 Walkthrough

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