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About game:

If you've never played 'The Impossible Quiz' by Slapp – me – do (published by Not Doppler), this is your disadvantage! Come to this famous Quiz & Platform game, you can relax after a hard day. The game has surprisingly simple gameplay. You will see a question on the screen, and below it are 4 answers. Your task is to choose the best answer!

Yes, the gameplay of the game is simple but it's not easy to beat. The questions are in many different areas and they are difficult, even impossible to answer (like the name of the game). Sometimes you will get logical questions that the answer will be somewhere on the game screen, not in 4 answers lol. Besides, the game also has 2 interesting features: Skips and Bom. A feature that is good for you and a feature that is challenging for you. You should go to the game to learn them!

Maybe in the first question you will find it quite easy, but nightmares will come to you from question number 2. And if you have a wrong answer, you'll game over. And you have to play again from question number 1. With simple graphics, the game makes sure you feel comfortable playing in many hours. Try The Impossible Quiz game to see how many questions you can answer!

The Impossible Quiz Unblocked:

https://mutilateadoll2unblocked.net is a great website, it offers many different unblocked games including The Impossible Quiz Unblocked. Here, you can play all games for free. Besides, we don't block anything and you can access this website from any location in the world.

How to play:

Use left click to answer the questions of the game.

Tips and tricks:

Use Skips if you meet difficult questions or bombs questions!

Remember the answers, you will need them for "Play Again" times.

The Impossible Quiz Walkthrough

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