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About game:

Welcome to Vex 2, developed by AmazingAdam4. This is one of the platform video games with simple graphics but addictive gameplay. In this second part, you continue to control the black stickman and overcome deadly pitfalls. Run, jump, surf, and dodge obstacles along the way to touch the final landmark to complete your level!

The game challenges you through dangerous terrain and huge obstacles. You have to jump through poisonous pits, you have to dodge automatic moving saws, you have to dodge giant spikes like a building ... And if you make a mistake, the Stickman will die instantly. So you have to move carefully and act skillfully.

Although this game has no bosses and enemies, you still get stuck with deadly traps. To overcome a challenge, you need to pay attention to the distance between you and the obstacle. Don't forget that your stickman character can jump high, but his jumping power has a limit.

You will see green flags, which are checkpoints for you. When you touch a checkpoint, you will respawn in that location. Your stickman can jump high, but in some cases he still needs the help of bouncing stones. Wall-jump is a special skill that you own. Don't forget to use it to overcome the high walls. Have fun!

Vex 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

These arrow keys are for your black stickman’s moving.

Tips and tricks:

Familiarize yourself with the movement of the stickman. He can jump low and even jump high.

Using friendly objects in the game, typically bouncing stones!

Vex 2 Walkthrough

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