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About game:

Welcome to Whack Your Boss of developer Doodieman. This is an exciting interactive Platform game. If you are under pressure at work and you hate your boss, this is the most appropriate game for you right now. Many people found comfort after playing Whack Your Boss. Carefully read the name of the game and you will know what you need to do in this game!

In this game, you will find a way to kill your boss. Note that the game has many violent scenes and it is not for children. There are 17 different ways to kill your boss. Each item you find will be used in some way. Are you afraid of blood? Don't worry because this game has simple graphics, only in black and white. Every time you drag your mouse and find an item, you will enjoy a violent scene.

Pay attention to the game screen and you'll see simple ways like using a flashlight to smash your boss's head, use a bucket to kill him, or use an old pizza box to cause a murder ... After that, a laborer will clean up the scene and you can continue to kill your boss again. Have fun!

Whack Your Boss Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the left click and tap on the item you want to kill the boss!

Tips and tricks:

Every time you hover your mouse pointer over an item and it glows, you know you can use it to cause a murder!

Try to find all 17 ways to kill the Boss!

Whack Your Boss Walkthrough

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